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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get an appointment?
By clicking on this link, visiting "Appointment" on the site or by phone : 418-368-3669.

Are there any fees to get a consultation?
NO, just like when you are seen at the UMF, your RAMQ card covers the costs. However, you must have a valid RAMQ card in your possession when you come to your appointment.

Are there any fees for the non-assured services?
Only the non-assured fees (filling out of forms, etc) could require payment, just like what you are used to at the UMF.
Credit card ans cash payment are accepted.
You will always get a receipt for any of the fees you would be entitled to pay.
No fees would apply if you were not first aware of it.
To consult the chart of the fees that could apply, click here : Non insured services

Are there any parking fees?

Can anyone make an appointment?
    The appointments at the Clinique Dot.com are reserved for Dre Dupuis-Riendeau’s registered patients, or new patients referred to Dre Dupuis-Riendeau via the Access Gateway for Orphan’s Clientele (AGOC) of Gaspé.

What if I don’t have a family doctor and I want to get one
Call the Access Gateway for Orphan’s Clientele (AGOC) of Gaspé (418-368-3301, ext 3333), and leave all your coordinates ans list of health problems. A nurse will call you and determine your priority to get a family doctor. If your health condition changes while you are waiting on the list, dont forget to call back the AGOC to let them know, it might change your priority level.

Can I get a pregnancy follow-up?
  • If you already have a family physician, Dre Dupuis-Riendeau will become your temporary family doctor for the time being of your pregnancy. Your own family doctor will take over at the end of your pregnancy, after the post part follow-up. To make an appointment, click : Appointment and choose "Pregnancy first appointment". The first appointment should be around 8 weeks after the first day of your last menses.

  • If you DO NOT have a family physician, call the Access Gateway for Orphan’s Clientele (AGOC) of Gaspé, at 418-368-3301, ext 3333. State that you are pregnant, and you will be referred very fast to a family physician of Gaspé that makes pregnancy follow up (trust me, it’s fast…!)

If you get assigned to Dre Dupuis-Riendeau, you will officially become one of Dre Dupuis-Riendeau’s registered patients on the day of your first appointment. This appointment can be made by clicking here, around 8 weeks after the first day of your last menses.

I am pregnant… What’s next…?
  • If you aren’t known for any medical condition, start to take a prenatal vitamin ASAP, and plan a appointment about 8 weeks after the first day of your last menses.

  • If you are symptomatic (feel nauseous, bleeding, etc…), are taking medications or if you have active health concerns or questions, take an "emergency" appointment as soon as you feel the need to. Also plan a longer "pregnancy first appointment" around 8 weeks after the first day of your last menses

Can I come to the clinic if I don’t have an appointment?
    Begin by taking an appointment. There might be some left even for today!
    Due to the many tasks Dre Dupuis-Riendeau has at the Hospital, the opening hours are very variable and you may end up on closed doors if you dont make an appointment before!

Why do you work at the Clinique Dot.com only a few days a week?
My medical time is shared between multiple tasks, like emergency room, intensive care unit, obstetrics, teaching and supervising residents at the UMF and clientele follow up

You can consult this page to know where to reach me and when.

What are the service offered by the Clinique Dot.com?
    • General practice consultation
    • Pregnancy follow-up
    • Pediatric follow up
    • Small surgery
    • IUD placement

  • What services are NOT offered by the Clinique Dot.com?
    • Blood samples (free at Gaspé’s hospital, call :368-3301)
    • Cryotherapy (warts removal, get an appointment with me at the UMF Gaspé :418-368-6663)

    Who would meet me If I go to the Clinique Dot.com?
    If you come for a consultation, you could meet a nurse at first, that will make the first part of the appointment, like vitals signs check-up, list of medication, etc. You will meet Dre Dupuis-Riendeau after everytime.

    What are your coordinates?
    294 Mgr Leblanc
    Gaspé, Qc
    G4X 2R5

    Fax: 418-368-0720
    Tel: 418-368-3669


    You don’t have a phone number at the clinic?
      To leave me a message, call 418-368-3669, I get my messages wherever I am.

    What if I I want to take my appointment over the phone?
    The appointment given over the phone BY the UMF are given FOR the UMF Gaspé (215 Boul York West)

    The appointment given through internet OR by the 418-368-3669 are given at the Clinique Dot.com (294 Mgr Leblanc)

    Will I get a reminder?
    If you make an appointment at the Clinique Dot.com, you will get a confirmation in your email as soon as you have taken the appointment, AND, a reminder by email 24h before the appointment. There is NO call reminder.

    What if I have to change or cancel my appointment?
    When you take your appointment, you will get a link to manage your rendez-vous, to either cancel it and take a new one, or confirm it. You can also cancel by phone at 418-368-3669.
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    Operating hours...

    Clinique Dot.com has a new partnership with Soluvox 

    to help you getting an appointment online.
    If you're having some difficulty to get an appointment by the website you can now do it easily by phone. Just dial 418-368-3669 and someone will help you shortly !

    Operating hours are VARIABLE

    Why ?

    Because Dr. Dupuis-Riendeau also works at the emergency room of the Gaspé hospital as well as at the Synergie clinic for approximately 20 hrs/week.